About The Magnesium Guide

Magnesium and your cellular healthThe Magnesium Guide is an evidence-based website designed to help you gather information about the need for and use of Magnesium as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Magnesium is ESSENTIAL for good health. Its deficiency is implicated in Western lifestyle diseases. It could be considered that Magnesium could be a VITAL ingredient to good health and survival for many people. Addressing Magnesium deficiency is a VITAL need in Australia.

Recent research has confirmed survivability after heart disease episodes can be directly correlated to Magnesium status. The Magnesium guide is, therefore, a VITAL resource for encouraging assessment and if required supplementation in Magnesium.

The body requires bioavailable Magnesium to support healthy cardiovascular function, support normal blood pressure in healthy individuals, support healthy nerve function, reduce nervous tension associated with PMS and may assist in the management of migraines.

This important mineral is also required for healthy glucose metabolism and has female reproductive system benefits in conditions such as PMS, dysmenorrhoea, menstrual pain and in supporting healthy pregnancy.

We recommend visits to your healthcare practitioner to confirm Magnesium status or requirement needs because we feel dialogue with a professional who cares about lifestyle and diet may enhance your life in multiple ways.