If You Feel Anxious, You Might Be Deficient In This Nutrient

Anxiety affects nearly 30% of people during their life and involves vague feelings of distress, or fear about the future, that is over and above the ‘normal’ amount of apprehension we might feel in any given situation. Rather than turning to prescription medication, many people try natural solutions first and there are many natural remedies […]

One Hidden Reason You Lack Energy

We don’t all jump out of bed each morning and enthusiastically greet the day; many people wake up feeling tired regardless of how much sleep they’ve had. There are many reasons why we might lack energy other than sleep. Sometimes mental or physical stress can be a cause of fatigue and often underlying nutritional deficiencies […]

3 signs that low Magnesium might be affecting your sleep

Adequate and restful sleep is a key part of a healthy lifestyle, and can benefit your mind, mood, heart, weight and much more. Professor Jürgen Vormann, a world-renowned nutritional expert says that low Magnesium levels are often associated with sleep problems and that many people are not getting the recommended daily requirement of Magnesium from […]

How can I get a better restful sleep?

Our energy levels, thoughts, feelings and performance all depend and on how well we sleep. Diet and lifestyle choices, stress and bedtime routine, when out of balance can cause sleep difficulties and insomnia. Researchers believe Magnesium deficiency might be a major underlying cause of sleep difficulties.  Low magnesium levels may cause sleep problems  Magnesium has […]

3 Ways Stress Depletes Your Magnesium Levels

Our stress resilience helps us cope with everyday hectic situations like loud noises, traffic and work deadlines. Magnesium is essential for healthy nerve function and is the most important mineral for coping with stress. Stress depletes our Magnesium levels and yet we need it for maintaining our stress resilience, so it becomes a vicious cycle. […]