Poor Magnesium Absorption

Typical Presentation
  • Multiple sensitivities
  • Gastro-intestinal symptoms
  • High calcium intake
  • Gastric upset
  • Loose stool
  • Dysbiosis

Magnesium Malabsobers’ have problems with absorbing Magnesium, you might be taking a supplement and still not getting any result. Factors such age, poor digestion, sensitivity, high calcium intake, toxicity and diarrhoea can lead to ineffective absorption of Magnesium. The type of Magnesium supplement is vital for you – if you fit this profile. Also of course the other issues must be addressed.


Supplement with a highly bioavailable, clinically trialed Magnesium and address the absorption issues. You may need to take more Magnesium over an extended period to optimize absorption. A mixed form of Magnesium is definitely NOT suggested.

Other suggestions
  • Repair and nourish the digestive tract using therapeutics agents such as Glutamine and Probiotics.
  • Add Slippery elm powder to the diet.
  • Reduce calcium, dietary phytates, oxalate and phosphorus as they reduce Magnesium absorption.
  • See your practitioner for other gastro-intestinal sensitivity issues.

If you feel you could have deficiency please take the Magnesium Minute Survey.